mandag 11. mai 2015


I imagine a news scenario something like this: "And now we have our reporter directly from the meeting, where the health minister is busy speaking with leaders of all political parties, lawyers and reps from the CRPD comittee and other reps from the UN as well as health profession- and user organisastions, as the work on the big law reform has started, which will abolish the discriminatory MH ACT, and attune national legislation with the human rights and CRPD." (...) [Health minister to reporter]: "-Yes, this is really overdue. We are highly motivated to get this work done. In the meantime, anyone has the right to reserve themselves from the MH Act. When the law reform is finished, the government together with reps from psychiatry will perform a formal apology to all victims of psychiatric human rights abuse - a group in society which has been systematically ignored for the harms and traumas inflicted on them through human rights abusive legislation and -practices through so many years. Thank you, reporter, I have to get back to our important work now."

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